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in town. >> the senate has spoken and president obama has spoken. he's promised he will not sign any bill to pay for handouts to the wealthiest 2% of americans. i only hope house republicans have been listening. >> we've been responsible even as we've remained firm on this point, no tax increases now for promised spending cut that is won't materialize later. the american people have seen that game before and they won't be fooled again. >> reporter: over at the white house, the talk of breaking the no tax increase pledge got a positive response. >> some of the comments you mentioned are welcome and they represent what we hope is a difference in tone and approach to these problems. >> bottom line, as we always say, talks continue here in washington. the white house says the president did speak with speaker boehner and senator reid over the weekend to touch base on this very issue. as one republican aide put it to cnn, the fact that they are still talking is progress. but a democratic aide said they don't have staff had you hadling in a room going over spreadsheets which is where they need t
. "hardball," the place for politics. >>> by the way, thomas jefferson's on the $2, not the $20 bill. earlier today we showed you the fun that david letterman had on chris christie's expense last night. as you know, a lot of republicans feel christie hugged president obama a bit too tightly after the hurricane came through. among those who don't share those sentiments are new jersey residents. look at this. >>> we're back. it's a resume no one can hold a candle to, drafter of the declaration of independence, founder of the university of virginia, secretary of state, vice president, president of the united states, thomas jefferson. through all his virtues and faults holds a special place in americans' heart and the subject of a terrific new biography "thomas jefferson" by pulitzer prize winning author, jon meacham. my hero for many years. it seems to me a wonderful biographer like for you to bring to the front of the stage again, someone we haven't thought of for a while and should, why should we given we're in the age of barack obama? >> because jefferson was a tall, cool cerebral politician
following the financial services industry and dodd frank, i know it's your favorite bill, it's much loved across the land. >> certainly. >> paul: but most of these bills, most of the rules, i think, haven't been written. >> you think of the first obama term with its slow growth, and regulatory frenzy, a nightmare, but really, from that 2010 law, most of the burden on the economy hasn't happened yet. the law firm does a scoreboard and they say they're 398 rule makings, separate rule makings that were required by the law. >> these are relatively major. >> yeah, really, remaking the financial markets, only a third of them have been enacted, so, most of the big regulatory footprint is coming in the second obama term, even from the law that was passed. >> and give us an example or two? >> well, it runs the gamut from derivatives trading on wall street to bank regulation and consumer loans, it's all over the board and on top of that, you have what bankers called the basel standards so these are incredibly complicated rules, for the financial crisis now coming back more complicated. so it's opti
have on the deficit. senator harry reid. >> the senator has spoken and president obama has spoken. he's promised he will not sign any bill that mortgages our future for hand outs to the wealthiest 2% of americans. i only hope the house members have been listening. >> hello then the president's carney child in. jay carney. >> some of of the comments you mentioned are welcome and they represent what we hope is a difference in tone and approach. >> stephanie: it's one thing to sound like your compromising on television and another thing to actually do something. nails it, nails it would you like the fun facts? >> absolutely. >> stephanie: the myth of the obama cave-in. i love john fugelsang but the joke he does about back ma makes folks scream. we disagree. >> liberals are allowed to disagree. >> stephanie: no we're not they're loud to do what i say. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: with the cliff looming, the president capitulated during the last tax cut fight. i'll read the cogent parts to you. >> she's on a roll. >> stephanie: i'm on a roll. when the germans attacked pearl harbor, i'm on a
. yeah. it's a fact that if president obama signs a dream act, even though it's a bipartisan bill, he will get much of the credit. i disagree a little bit with my dear friend joy in that i think in the whole, latino population in the united states is a little bit more socially conservative. now, that doesn't mean they don't, for example, think that people should have, you know, the right to choose if they have an abortion or not. but on other issues much more religious. i think that the churches matter much more to the latino population than they do maybe to mainstream population. so i think that there is a possibility for republicans to make some leeway. let's remember 44% of the latino votes for george w. bush wasn't because it was, you know, out of the sky. he actually worked for it and remember, that the last immigration proposal had that was seriously discussed on capitol hill was done under george w. bush. and he pushed very hard for that kennedy mccain bill which didn't pass. so, you know, there is a change, semantics and then actions maybe they can get 44% of the vote next tim
on a very simple bill to bandies crime ban ban discriminating for being gay. we expect real progress now that president obama has been reelected in terms of an executive order that will ban the companies that profit from federal contracts. that's almost one in four jobs in america. this will be a huge step forward and we're expecting it pretty soon. >> eliot: now just so people can understand many states have passed laws that extend the rights that we're talking about. but many states have not done that, and the federal government has not done that. we still have this hole that needs to be fixed. >> there is a patchwork of civil rights law. it is not the majority of states that have on the report thing. the right thing. giving a fair shot in holding a job not involving their sexual ororientation or sexual identity. >> eliot: even if you're not for same-sex marriage, you can be for the notion that you don't fire somebody because he or she or his or her sexual orientation. i've always been amazed that this issue has not been expanded. but you think we're going to get there. >> eliot: congr
forget about the life we had, or do we somehow try to apply or hope that the new obama administration may introduce a bill that would benefit families like them. >> keep up with them because we want to keep up with you and want to keep up with that family and see what happens. rafael, thank you. very interesting. >> thank you. >>> this guy, he is ending the year on a high note. rory mcilroy is not only the world's number one golfer, but he is one of the richest. you've been busy for a dead man. after you jumped ship in bangkok, i thought i'd lost you. >>> surfing is my life now. but who's going to .... >>> tell the world that priceline has even faster, easier ways to save you money. . . on hotels, flights & cars? you still have it. >>> i'll always have it. so this is it? >>> we'll see where the waves take me. sayonara, brah! side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board. what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ whooshing ] tell me about it. why am i not going anywhere? you don't believe hard enough. a smarter way to shop around. no
. >> that's the only way. >> bill, the secret magician. >>> all right. well, it's time for now for an early look at some of the stories we'll follow throughout the day on nbc. president obama welcomes mexico's president elect to the house today. the leaders will discuss a secure 21st century border and ways to strengthen both country's economies. >>> after black friday, small business saturday and cyber monday, organizers are hoping the first annual giving tuesday will become a new holiday tradition. the campaign encourages folks to donate time and/or money and then share the good deed on social media. >>> and veteran nbc newsman tom brokaw will be honored with the annual ken burns lifetime achievement award for his contribution to the arts through history related projects. >>> all day long you can stay on top of the very latest developments in those stories and others as they break on msnbc. and tonight be sure to watch "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> and, finally, here's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today" show. in a "today" exclusive business tycoon w
. >> the senate has spoken. president obama has spoken. he's promising he will not sign any bill that mortgages our future to pay for handouts to the wealthiest 2% of americans. i only hope house republicans have been listening. >> we've been responsible, even as we've remained firm on this point. no tax increases now for promised spending cuts that won't materialize later. >> cnn political director mark preston is live from washington this morning. very nice to see you, mark. so the house is back in session today, and so far there are no talks scheduled between top republicans and the president, we understand. >> no, that's true, zoraida. in fact we haven't seen the congressional leadership and president obama meet since november 16th. now there were staff discussions over the thanksgiving holiday. they don't seem to be as productive as some people had hoped, as you said, we are now 35 days until the fiscal cliff. what we do know, though, is that president obama did reach out to house speaker john boehner. he is the republican, the senate majority leader harry reid the democrat over the weeken
obama says quote-too import for washington to screw this up about what they do? bill harris, the ceo of into it and paypal tells us how to protect yourself before the year ends. liz: the ceo and president of the national federation of independent business, read smaller business. his pleas to congress to lower tax rates on business income, you hear about the big ceo writing letters to congress and the president, his group wrote a letter and are ready to make noise. we will tell you what drove the market in today's data download. stocks rebounded after falling triple digits in the first hour of trade, hints of a potential debt deal end, more quantitative easing, pushed all the way into the green. the wall street journal about 21 minutes ago running a story about the federal reserve, q e 4 will be announced december 12th. the dow, andy and nasdaq end trading day near session highs. all ten sectors higher for the first time in two months. consumer discretionary and energy were the top performers. you helped crude oil falling for the third straight day dropping to its lowest level in a we
the deficit problem. >> the president has made clear that he will not sign a bill that extends the bush era tax cuts for those make mortgage than $250,000. >> billionaire warren buffett, an obama ally today wrote an editorial in "the new york times," calling for a higher minimum tax for the wealthy. >>> a shake-up in the middle east in politics today as an israeli moderate resigns. israeli defense minister ehud barack abruptly quit politics today, saying he'll only finish out his term. the obama administration had embraced him as a moderate influence on benjamin netanyahu's hard-line policies. meanwhile, a leader of hamas is warning that a fragile ceasefire in gaza could flare back into violence if negotiators don't come to agreement quickly. negotiations have to proceed through egyptian messagers because israel and the united states consider hamas a terrorist organization. >>> still ahead here at 5:00, it's a distinction that universities don't want. the bay area school, though, near the top of this dubious list. >>> and a blockbuster acquisition that never was. google tied to a takeover d
have transparency and the reason it is particular fun is that obama promised he would do obamacare in front of c-span and didn't and said he would. and nancy pelosi, boehner and the president that bills would be online for a readable time. needs to be seven days. >> we are on c-span. we're online. and i want to be clear about this. you're not against new revenue? >> i'm certainly for new revenue for economic growth and to give you two numbers to set the stage. this is important. grow at 4% rather than 2%. reagan percentages rather than french or obama percentages, 4% rather than 2% for one decade that would net $5 trillion in additional revenue and pay down the debt obama ran up and pay down in a decade from stronger growth. you don't get stronger growth by raising taxes, but less growth. raising taxes doesn't give you the revenue but growth gives you the revenue. i'm in favor of real growth not imaginary revenue. >> the flip side of the tom cole argument, if you don't agree to a small tax hike now, tax hike, there will be a much bigger tax hike to take place which would be everyon
-max hybrid. >>> by the way, thomas jefferson's on the $2, not the $20 bill. earlier today we showed you the fun that david letterman had on chris christie's expense last night. as you know, a lot of republicans feel christie hugged president obama a bit too tightly after the hurricane came through. among those who don't share those sentiments are new jersey residents. look at this. a new poll by national research has christie's approval rating sky high, 77%, up from the 50s before this. nobody gets numbers like that. in case you think that numbers comes from smirkey democrats, republicans approve 9-1, again how good policy makes pretty good politics. new prilosec otc wildberry is the same frequent heartburn treatment as prilosec otc. now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst of wildberry flavor. now why make a flavored heartburn pill? because this is america. and we don't just make things you want, we make things you didn't even know you wanted. like a spoon fork. spray cheese. and jeans made out of sweatpants. so grab yourself some new prilosec otc wildberry. [ male announcer ] o
to say, we do not want to do this. this is not my choice. >> maybe obama ought to make bill clinton is fiscal cliff envoy? >> i thought he did? >> this is important. to bridge that experience. first of all, veterans in leadership. secondly, i want to go back to that thought. we have to be more outwardly focused. we have given up engaging in africa and around the globe. with all the income growth out there, having those ties helps us in defense issues and other things. we are not doing that now. >> one of the easiest places to get republican support for a new agenda, so maybe it, we get it right, but -- what would a new american renewal agenda be comprised of? >> let's negotiate a trade agreement. president obama is the first president to not negotiate one. >> south korea. >> they were negotiated in the previous administration. we have an opportunity right now in europe and asia to knock down barriers, tariff and non- tariff barriers and you would get overwhelming support for that. it would have been tougher in the first term. this is a time to move on from that. the only point i wou
the house. >> yeah. well, this attitude has built up over time over the years. they didn't really think bill clinton was legitimate because ross perot they thought cost him the election. they thought that obama's original election was a freak on account of bush being such a terrible president, and they were not equipped to deal with this defeat, and this was a real defeat because it was a defeat across the board for the republican party. yes, they kept the house, but guess who got more votes? democratic candidates of the house got more votes than republican candidates of the house, and these -- it may not make any difference constitutionally, but it makes a moral difference. >> and they like to hang on it. i think there's more to their sense of entitlement. shortly after the romney/ryan ticket lost, 26 states won just over 47% of the vote. in other words, did worse than john kerry in 2004. paul ryan denies that the president earned a mandate. let's listen. >> the president wins 330-some electoral votes, every battleground state with the exception of north carolina. does barack obama now have
a new tax bill. the fact that obama is administration is to make it sound like he is averting a catastrophe over the post 2013 -- it is an insult to people who know what is going on. host: if you think that -- do you think the president is not holding from one democratic beliefs? calving i really do not know. i just found out that ed rendell is supposedly a little type of democrat. he is one -- on one of these teams trying to figure out entitlements. this is a simple equation. we have about $800 billion more than necessary in spending. we have $800 billion more in spending that goes into the pockets of those who run unnecessary tests, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. and if we relocate the like most of the rational world by civil nationalizing health care, that will take care of 80% of the problem. the other 20% has to do with the spending on the military that puts people in countries that nobody can identify on the back in order -- that nobody can identify on the bath. >> chuck in illinois, on our line for republicans, what do you think? caller: i am kind of
for your future. ♪ >>> by the way, thomas jefferson's on the $2, not the $20 bill. earlier today we showed you the fun that david letterman had on chris christie's expense last night. as you know, a lot of republicans feel christie hugged president obama a bit too tightly after the hurricane came through. among those who don't share those sentiments are new jersey residents. look at this. a new poll by national research has christie's approval rating sky high, 77%, up from the 50s before this. nobody gets numbers like that. in case you think that numbers comes from smirkey democrats, republicans approve 9-1, again how good policy makes pretty good politics. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] introducing the new dell xps 12. part of a whole new line of tablets from dell. it's changing the conversation. ♪ and i took on all the bigger, tougher ones. but with mr. clean's new select-a-size magic eraser, he can take on any size job. at least we don't go near rex's mobile home as often. what are you, scared? [ dog barks ] aah! oh! [ male announcer ] new mr. clean select-a-size magic erase
, not the $20 bill. earlier today we showed you the fun that david letterman had on chris christie's expense last night. as you know, a lot of republicans feel christie hugged president obama a bit too tightly after the hurricane came through. among those who don't share those sentiments are new jersey residents. look at this. a new poll by national research has christie's approval rating sky high, 77%, up from the 50s before this. nobody gets numbers like that. in case you think that numbers comes from smirkey democrats, jersey republicans in a poll approve christie 9-1 margin. how good policy makes pretty good politics. with verizon. hurry in this friday for great deals. like the droid razr by motorola in cranberry, free. or a white 7-inch samsung galaxy tab 2, just $99.99. this friday, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon. >>> we're back. it's a resume no one can hold a candle to, drafter of the declaration of independence, founder of the university of virginia, secretary of state, vice president, president of the united states, thomas jeffers
, george w. bush, bill and hillary clinton, walter cronkite, sean hannity, charles, larry king, barack obama, kevin rudd, mike wallace, barbara walters, and oprah winfrey, and he can be awarded the prize of the damnest name dropper in utah. [laughter] the other working for more than 20 years. he's also -- he was also a member of the safe of the utah state archives and served as director for 14 of the years. he was an an archivist in the museum society, published articles in sunstone, exponent to dialogue, and the journal, and as well as the encyclopedia of mormonism. we'll begin today with our author, john turner. >> thank you, lloyd, and, thank you, all, for coming. i thought i'd take a little bit of time and tell you a couple stories from my biography, and i think i'll just say a few things about how i got interested in the project. i didn't know all that much about mormonism or mormon history five years ago, but a few things gave me the desire to explore the mormon path, and as i started to do so, it did not take me long to concentrate interests on brigham young, and he was a man i
dignitaries, john ashcroft, george w. bush, bill and hillary clinton, walter cronkite, sean hannity, charlton heston, henry kissinger, barack obama, kevin redden, mike wallace, barbara walters and oprah winfrey. he can be awarded the prize of the damnedest name dropper in utah. [laughter] our weather panelists is jeff johnson who is retired from the lds church historical department where he worked for more than 20 years. he was also a member of the staff at the utah state archives and served as director for 14 of those years. he was an archivist at the cherokee national history society. he has published historical articles and an exponent to dialogue and journal. as well as the encyclopedia of mormonism. we will begin today with our illustrious author, john turner. >> thank you floyd and thank all of you for coming. i thought i would take a little bit of time and tell you a couple of stories from my biography of brigham young. and i think i will just say a few things about how i got interested in the project. i didn't know all that much about mormonism or mormon history five years ago but a f
. it's the reason they gave president obama four more years to finish what he started. when you have people on the right from ben stein to bill crystal basically saying that raising taxes on the rich should actually be on the table and they should give president obama what they want, i think they understand the brand problem that the gop has going into this. >> maria cardona, amy holmes, great to have you on this morning, as all. thank you both. >> thank you, randi. >>> republican rising star marco rubio made headlines this week when he tried to walk the line between science and faith-based creationism. famed tv scientist bill nye joins me next to tell us just how old the earth really is and how we know all that. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro. >>> welcome back. if you're planning a vacation overseas an
. he needs mobilizing pressure from the outside in. president obama has the base. it's still mobilized and there's got to be a way-- maybe he should take a train trip around the country. get the immigration bill signed because people proper you from the outside in. >> schieffer: evan, what came back to me as i was reading your book is that, that eyes hour i that eyesen hour in his own way was a very good politician, and i don't think he's gotten credit for that. earlier this year, i moderated a seminar on l.b.j., and i asked evan duggan, one of lyndon johnson's young aides at the time, i asked him, "who did l.b.j. admire as a politician? is it and he surprised by everyone saying he thought the best politician he ever knew was dwight eisenhower. not just because of what he was able to do to get people together as supreme allied commander, but he said something and i saw it time and again in your book. he said eisenhower had a way of getting his way without you knowing that's what he wanted you to do. >> well, he'll had a great kind of confidence, the confidence to be humble. he was-- ik
insist on a rate hike on the rich. >> the president has made clear that he will not sign a bill that extends the bush era tax cuts or those making more than $250,000. >> billionaire warren buffett, an obama ally, again with a rate hike on the rich. calling in "the new york times" for a minimum tax on the wealthy. 30% of income between 1 million and $10 million. 35% above that. republicans insist any deal on tax hikes has to come after a commitment to control spending on medicare and social security. adding to the drama, the white house warned the strong start to holiday roadway tail steals could be spoiled by fears of tax hikes. holiday cheer and a reminder. five weeks until l the fiscal cliff. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, capitol hill. >> a tense standoff in egypt between mohammed morsi and the nation's judiciary branch. they want to lessen tension in cairo. they canceled a massive rally that was planned for tomorrow. at today's meeting was a bid to resolve a four-day crisis that has plunged the country into turmoil. clashes have left one protester dead and hundreds of peopl
35 to 70. >> might as well move to france. >> i usually do. bill baldwin, welcome back. so, i ask, how do you make money under obama. you're very confident about this cover story, how do you make money under obama. >> to give you good news and bad news. the good news is if you're young and invest for the long run, lake a 40-year investment horizon stocks are a great place to be. bonds are a terrible place to be with treasuries paying less than the inflation rate. that's a moderately optimistic view of things, but in terms of clifrks i see a cliff states are going over, some states. states that i call death spiral states. >> california. >> california. >> california is at the top of the list. >> where else? >> i love this. >> illinois, new york, some smaller states like new mexico. this is what's going on in the states. there are 11 of them on our list of death spirals where you see the number of people dependant on government and the number of people contributing to it and that cross over point is very dangerous. >> regarding stocks, in other words, do you stay away from corporatio
, not raising taxes, putting them at odds with president obama, who was re-elected by pledging to let tax cuts expire for the wealthiest americans. >> the president has made clear that he will not sign a bill that extends the bush-era tax cuts or those making more than $250,000. >> reporter: the republicans open to breaking the pledge say entitlement reform must be part of the discussions. both sides, working behind the scenes to find common ground. rob and paula? >> whiffs of a compromise. tahman bradley in washington. thanks, tahman. >>> and the next secretary of state choice faces critics on capitol hill. susan rice meets behind closed doors with top republican lawmakers. they have been critical of her comments on the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. senator john mccain is chief among her critics. but he backed off his threat to block her nomination. those two are set to meet tuesday. >>> there's rising tension in egypt this morning, among opponents of that country's president, mohamed morsi. things started getting rough on the streets of cairo, with protesters hurling
's diplomatic feat helps restore a record tarnished by questions over how the obama administration handled the attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi. will the cease-fire hold? hillary clinton, whose husband, president bill clinton, tried but failed to broker a peace agreement between israelis and palestinians knows only too well how tenuous true peace can be. >> after that will trip which turned out, by the way, to be 11 days on the road all the way over to australia, then back through asia and then to the middle east and then home, secretary clinton is back here in washington. she's here for thanksgiving, and so far, as we've been reporting, that cease-fire appears to be holding. fred. >> all right. in the meantime, hillary clinton has made it very clear that she would likely leave this position at the end of her term. topping the list of those that might be nominated would be s s susan rice. she's been speaking for the first time in response to so much criticism that she has received on how she handled that attack in benghazi, libya. what more can you tell us about what she is saying a
homosexuality in uganda. but its anti-gay bill is condemned by western leaders like president obama who threaten to cut off aid to uganda if the country does not do more to protect the rights of gay people. again that bill could pass any day. >>> the truth between israel and hamas militants in gaza could be in trouble right now. there was an incident on the border. you'll hear what happened when israeli troops confronted a group of palestinians. rates side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board. what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ whooshing ] tell me about it. why am i not going anywhere? you don't believe hard enough. a smarter way to shop around. now that's progressive. call or click today. [ grunting ] bigger! bigger! bigger! bigger! so, which would you rather have -- a big treehouse or a small treehouse? if it's big enough, you can have a disco. oh, yeah! why do you not want a smaller treehouse? because it wouldn't be able to fit a flat-screen tv, and then the tv would be about this big, and you would have
branch of government and bill clinton is listed among only seven reelected presidents who were successful. there are lessons to be learned from the clinton's second term that might offer guidance to obama where he reelected. some of the presidents who face hostility through congress, fill a majority of their own party including washington, jefferson, monroe, grand, theodore roosevelt, johnson and george bush. en route jackson was censured by congress controlled by his undemocratic party. it is like he never forgave. franklin roosevelt had a constant battle with southern democrats who opposed his new deal legislation. he suffered his greatest political defeat and the democratic controlled congress refused to support his plan to pass the supreme court. eisenhower, a republican, fought legislation drafted by a fellow republican of ohio who sought to take away presidential power. what this paper is all about, however, is what we might expect in four years of a second term for barack obama. where he reelected, obama in all probability would face the daunting challenge of working with republica
and spending cuts. >> after meeting with president obama after the holiday. >> let me welcome the congressional leadership. they expressed optimism about reaching a deal to avoid a 500 and dollars in tax increases and spending cuts. 500 bill in dollars for tax increases. >> we have a very productive meeting. >> the cornerstone of being able to work something out. >> staffers have been working behind the scenes to find common ground and how to begin more tax revenue and reduced spending on programs like medicare. it is not yet clear one of lawmakers will meet next. even if progress is made this week a final deal could still be make well. >> we rarely see the hill and the white house making decisions, early. they tend to do better when they have a deadline. so, i think that i would be pleasantly surprised if a deal emerged earlier. but, we will see. >> unless compromised is reached, steep tax hikes could be seen. >> this small earthquakes >> the u.s. t s a said the magnitude 3.5 tremor hit at about 7:45 near soledad.. 60 mi. southeast. no reports of damages. >> the day after thanksgiving >> they
could be for higher gas, steeper heating bills and rising food cost because of regulations from the obama regulations. we've invited the executive vice president of the consumer energy alliance to explain what it could mean to your wallet. >> thank you for having me. >> everybody feels pain at the pump when they have to stop. it's a daily part of life. the reality of what you're paying for gas but you're saying regulations could make it more expensive. >> the biggest thing we've seen from the environmental community is they have an agenda, a four point agenda, to get off oil, off of coal, regulate natural gas and not allow drilling on federal land for natural gas or oil. the obama administration has been willing to work with environmentalists on all these fronts. you can look at the myriad of regulations over the last several years, even in accelerated places since the election and announcements of rules, every one of those regulations is another tool in the tool kit that gates you back to one of these four points. >> the president said under his administration, things have gott
the lame-duck session. president obama spoke to harry reid over the phone about the fiscal cliff over the weekend. the white house is making it clear today that the president won't sign a bill that extends tax cuts for those earning $250,000 a year in social security. it will not be part of the fiscal cliff. so we are going to talk about the compromise. we have a congress and to talk about this with us. >> and you for having me cheryl: or a little bill? >> we were waiting and hoping to compromise with its administration. but they they would just never come to the table. >> these democrats want to continue spending on social programs, republicans don't want tax cuts to be touched. you think we can have coromise from both sides on each of these issues? the rhetoric that we are hearing on a television screen is pretty negative. >> he did say that we want and the republicans will reach out to less. cheryl: after the last election, the november election, it was a referendum on many republicans. some of them walked away and said, okay, we did not get the senate back, we are moving forward.
to the economy. according to a new study the fiscal cliff could give 90% of americans new tax bills when the bush tax rates and some by president obama would both end. the working poor would be among the hardest hit. a tax policy center analysis showed a married couple making about $30,000 a year would on average go from receiving a $15 tax credit to owing $1400. >> wow. >> yeah. that's probably a reason to try and get something done? >> maybe we will. maybe we will. >> you would think. >> yeah. or maybe we can just talk about 2016. >> we could do that as well. how are you doing, willie? >> i'm doing well. >> good. just two weeks after the longest -- >> thanks for stopping by. >> doing well. >> you know, just two weeks after the longest, most expensive and exhausting election in u.s. history eyes are turning to 2016 as speculation begins over the next batch of candidates lining up to run for president. >> who could that be? i know it's going to be a surprise. >> i know it is too. we're moving past these dynasties. >> exactly. >> of ruled politics for decades. republican up and comer jeb bush jr.
of americans for tax reform, talked about the so- called fiscal cliff and the upcoming tax bills in congress. he will also talk about the 2012 election and recent meetings at the white house between congressional leaders and president obama. this is an hour and 20 minutes. >> we are delighted to have grover norquist with us. of course, he is president of americans for tax reform but in the spirit of full disclosure, he is also a member of our board of directors and a very important colleague. grover spoke here several months ago, i should say here at the center, but not in this room because we moved -- there may be some glitches, so i apologize in advance. i am sure we will do better next time. however, grover talked about taxes, u.s. economic policy. but that was about taxes and the electoral campaign. now we had elections and the taxes are at the center of a very important political debate and at the center of negotiations between the obama administration and congress, particularly the republican controlled house. as i watched the president during his recent press conference and listened t
for general tax revenue, president obama is the third president since teddy roosevelt -- we had the infrastructure stimulus package and the latest highway bill, we had a massive infusion of general tax revenue, i have no idea why we are driving people to drive -- i am a person who believes in choice, people should be free to drive if they pay for the bills responsible for their actions but which and brought them to do this. we should be engaging in social engineering that uses federal tax policy to massively subsidize people to move out of urban apartment and by urban homes which subsidizes them to leverage themselves for the housing market, also brought them to build larger homes. i am a homeowner myself but i think having returned home mortgage interest deduction and other things like fannie and freddie to subsidize is crazy.
. >>> some ignorant teenagers wrote horrible things about president obama on twitter, messages that were exposed by the website jezebel. but did they go too far in trying to get these students punished. >>> plus bill o'reilly called him one of the biggest race baiters in the media. kuhnen very sags with eric degreens. i'm howard kurtz and this is "reliable sources."gans. i'm howard kurtz and this is "reliable sources." >>> the president of the united states and. automatically takes effect in just of o every a month if they can't face an agreement. the health of the american economy and maybe if it goes down to the wire the fiscal cliff story will receive 1/10 theed my ya attention as the scandalous saga of dave and paula and john and jill. joining us now here the washington is jane hall. bob cusack, managing editor of the capital nooup the hill. and amy argetsinger. why has it become synonymous with bore dom? >> well, there's no sex with it. that's the bottom line. this story is wild. the petraeus story has gone in a lot of different directions. first he resigns. then we find out why. th
were not getting along. >> ian worked for don rumsfeld, mark worked for bill clinton and is now an ambassador in sweden for barack obama. and they get into a fight. >> yeah. >> over thanksgiving dinner over the iraq war. it started in the dining room. >> it was heated. >> and ended up in the front lawn. >> it was very heated. >> look, there is none of that. >> and you've got pete townsend over there. are you a really good guitar player? >> you know, some people will say that i'm the greatest guitar player that has ever lived. no, i'm not actually a good guitar player. but i play guitar, piano. i do a little bit of everything. >> and you write songs? >> i've been writing songs since i was 13. i love music, writing songs, recording them. that's what i did grow up in high school when other people were at the beach, i was a dork working the wires and recording songs. i was locked in my room recording but it's what i loved, what i always loved. so when pete townsend comes on the show, that excites me a lot more than being around presidents and prime ministers. >> "argo," i love the m
an impact in israel was bill clinton. he almost got a peace deal. bush didn't do much. condoleezza rice failed to do something. and this is where the obama administration has leaved himself exposed. he never went to israel. i think now is probably not the time to get involved there but i think he's going to have to, in the second term, especially if these incidents show, they're going to try to do some middle east peace deal again. >> yeah, i mean you know, in addition to all of this which is a much more local conversation, we need to think in a broader sense. there's no big international moral voice on this question and i think until we have that kind of unquestionable, moral voice with an honest broker as well as a spiritual dimension this isn't going to get resolved by different types of policies. the record is clear. >> tim mak i want to ask you does the president see this as an opportunity to be the moral voice that tricia rose just talked to? >> if he does see the opportunity, he isn't really seizing on it. you
do you evaluate the leverage we're looking at here? president obama has leverage with a fiscal cliff, if they get to that point, all the tax rates go up and what he's doing is just offering a bill that would reduce the tax rates on most people. john boehner thinks he has leverage with the debt ceiling. how do you evaluate these two pieces of leverage? >> lawrence, the point that is missing from a lot of these games of chicken and scenarios is that we had an election and it was pretty clear. the democrats won. obama is back in. and one of the clearest issues in that election was that taxes should be raised and raised on the rich. that gives the president even more leverage. i think the president has enormous leverage. if we do go over the cliff in terms of tacks? we go back to the clinton tax rates, which as i remember it, were not so onerous. they certainly were pretty good in terms of the economy. the economy did not suffer. the economy did much better under clinton than bush. i don't think at least on the tax side, going over the cliff is that big of a deal. it's not really a cliff
. kay bailey hutchison and jon kyl introduced the bill they call the achieve act. unlike the act, this bill does not guarantee a path to citizenship. >>> at the white house, mexico's president-elect backed president obama's plans to push for immigration reform. vice president biden will lead a u.s. delegation to the inauguration on saturday, a trip president obama admits he envies. >> any excuse to go to mexico i'm always game. in fact, i'm jealous of joe biden. >> secretary of state hillary clinton, meantime, who is expected to step down in the months ahead, is reflecting back on the last four years. who has impacted her more than anyone else she's met over hundreds of thousands of miles on the road? >> well, i've met a lot of really extraordinary people. i've been very fortunate to do that over the course of my life. but if i have to pick only one, for all the reasons that are well-known publicly and all the lessons that i learned from him personally, it would be nelson mandela. >> former senate majority leader bob dole is expected to be released from walter reed medical center
about this? they voted for obama. but when you look at how many people cnn poll last week, 51% of this country oppose the health care bill. 42% favor it. maybe boehner is on to something. >> no, he's not. because frankly we got to go look at those numbers. remember, there are significant number of people in this country who felt that the bill should have gone further. there are people -- again, simply not oppose and favor. you look at the number of the polls done, a lot of people said they want a single pair option. yeah, i don't favor this one. >> i want canada. >> i favor universal health care. let me be clear. let me channel the obama administration for a second. this is how they're responding to the proposal. next! it ain't going to happen. he can sit here and sing all day saying put it on the table. trust me, it's not going to be on the table. so it's cute. it's an op-ed, it's great. but trust me, even he knows, the president is not going to put the affordle care act on the table and so it's not crazy like a fox. it's simply crazy. >> okay. >> what about the possibility t
. we'll know how the next four years will go by the way the month goes. this is new barack obama. but if he back aceway and says call me if you get a deal we're in trouble. >> the president made clear he will not sign a bill that extends the bush era tax cuts or those making more than $250,000. math tells us that you can't get the kind of balanced approach you need. without having rates be part of the equation. >> eric: i have to ask you -- go ahead. >> dana: i'm listening and i'm thinking set aside politics for a second and say that you could get the money you wanted. in a different way. limiting deductions. limiting deductions. not talk about the spending. why wouldn't you take that deal? if you get the same results, why not do it? temporary measures have not worked. it seems that they are being, i understand they are in negotiations but again, doing something just because it works politically does not make necessarily for good policy. i think unfortunately we have come back to bite them. i think there will be a deal. to knowingly push the country to another recession is uncons
with the bill and that is going to lead to higher premiums. an enormous task of the obama administration. they have to issue these new rules. they postponed them until after the election, now they are starting to role them out. they have to educate the public, it will be very difficult to do. and politically dies see, you have a lot of governors who don't want to guy anywhere near this healthcare law. gregg: speaking of the republican governor they say look we are not going to set up the state healthcare exchanges. that is one more burden the federal government is putting upon us. how big of a wrinkle is that in implementing obamacare. >> it's a big wrinkle. the supreme court threw in a big wrinkle. the medicaid expansion is optional. a lot of governors are not going for that option although they get a fair amount of money if they did sign up. that will lead to fewer people -pb being inch insured. educating people to get into these programs has long been a problem. a lot of children who were eligible were not enrolled. >> mckenzie and company worldwide came out with a stunning report. th
. >>> still ahead, one of the most pressing foreign policy decisions facing president obama in his second term. david ignatius joins us. >>> and recovery efforts are still under way after hundreds of thousands of americans were devastated by the impact of hurricane sandy. nbc meteorologist bill karins joins us with the latest. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. >>> joining us now from washington, columnist and associate editor for "the washington post," david ignatius. richard haass, jon meacham, john heilemann still at the table. >> so david, what challenges face not only the president but the country in the coming year? >> well, a lot of them, joe. it's as if president obama, sometime last summer, put a sign on the white house lawn saying, closed for business until after the election. well, now we're well after the election, and the problems that have been waiting are stacked up. and i'd start with iran. there have been quiet conversations going on all fall with the people who purport to be intermediaries, emissaries for the iranian leadership sketching possible deals that co
of the year. coming up, in the rewrite, bill o'reilly, crazy pat robertson and ricky gervais in tonight's contest, who is more christlike? and next, republicans still can't face the fact that they lost because president obama is simply much better at campaigning and much better at governoring than they are. karen finney and david corn will join me coming up. >>> i think we have to be a bigger tent. >> in the spotlight tonight, the republican clown car needs a bigger circus tent. yesterday on fox, the first man to lose the presidency to barack obama tried to explain why a second republican has now lost the presidency to barack obama and like all republican explanations for losing the presidency to barack obama, it does not include the possibility that the best man won. that barack obama was an extraordinary presidential candidate. twice. it does not include the possibility that barack obama could not be beaten by anyone. twice. john mccain could not admit that barack obama beat him, then mitt romney because president obama is a better candidate than they were and president obama is a bet
. coming up, in the rewrite, bill o'reilly, crazy pat robertson and ricky gervais in tonight's contest, who is more christlike? and next, republicans still can't face the fact that they lost because president obama is simply much better at campaigning and much better at governoring than they are. karen finney and david corn will join me coming up. [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce the risk of an afib-related stroke. there is
in the '90s, bill clinton, while we had a republican majority in the house and the senate. we did welfare reform. we put the work back into welfare and it was tremendously successful. we decreased the welfare rolls. now, obama's reversed that. now we have it's gone up, the food stamp program now gone up from 28 million families to 47 million. that's just one of the things that can be reversed, that got news this mess to start with. >> gretchen: but senator, why does it appear -- and obviously the election was a result of it -- why does it appear that president obama wins the pr campaign on this entire discussion? >> well, gretchen, i represent oklahoma. he hasn't won up there. >> gretchen: but he's winning it acrossment country. >> well, i know, he's a very persuasive person. that doesn't mean that as a member of the united states senate that you have to look at public opinion and say, well, he's going to win this thing. again, i've got 20 kids and grandkids that are depending on me -- >> gretchen: what do republicans need to do to get a better pr message out there to combat? i mean, when
obama has spoken. he's promised he will not sign any bill that mortgages our future to pay for handouts to the wealthiest 2% of americans. i only hope house republicans have been listening. >> we've been responsible, even as we've remained firm on this point. no tax increases now for promised spending cuts that won't materialize later. >> hardly a political plug there. cnn political director mark preston is live from washington this morning. mark, so far there are no formal fiscal cliff talks scheduled at the highest levels. but the white house just announced that president obama is going to be going to pennsylvania on friday to try to sell his version of the tax plan to the american people. is that going to help things? >> well, john, you know, it's a dual strategy right now that we're seeing develop in these negotiations over the fiscal cliff. the first strategy, of course, and the first bullet point is when president obama gets together with congressional leaders and they try to get some kind of resolution. the second bullet point, though, is to try to pressure the republican party a
] >> appreciate it. >> that was president obama at the white house speaking about the bush-era tax cuts. he reiterated he has a pen and ready to sign a bill to extend the bill for middle class. joining us is sasha isenberg. there we have a picture of you. before i go to you, i want to bring this into our panel in new york for one quick second. governor rendell we were speaking during the break -- not during the break, over the president and saying to each other, this is -- >> we were listening. >> we're multitaskers. this playbook is dog erred. we have seen this tactic before and it was the same strategy the president used during the payroll tax cut down to the use of, you know, facebook pleas, the twitter hash tag i have a pen. >> the only thing that's new is a #my2k. >> it worked last time. >> it's what executives and politics who have the bully pulpit who can garner media attention can do and it's a very effective device. people are going to -- the congressmen are going to hear from a lot of their constituents saying why are you holding this up? this makes sense. everybody agrees. of cou
the typical washington show game and take a few bills. if we want to cut the budget deficit we have to look at everything that's been passed and make decisions against each of those. if obama-care is the most important policy considered its survives. if there are other things being considered it doesn't survive. that's the only way to approach cliff that's running out very quickly. rick: if there is a deal spending cuts have to be put on the table and obama-care cost a lot of money. >> that's not true. it cuts the deficit in a 10-year period and even more so over 20 years. john boehner said in his own op-ed that he tried two different ways to get rid of obama-care, going to the supreme court and in the election. they tried 33 times to repeal obama-care in the congress and failed all 33 times. the bottom line is now we have obama-care. it is the law of the lands. we need to take the off the table and focus on the bush tax cuts which american voters decided they want to keep for people under $250,000 and they want to get rid of for people making more than $250,000. rick: obama-care lowers the
and so, you know, obama agrees to give us some coverage and the revenue and something else, and bank of america is pretty harsh out on the ledge in terms of the bush tax cuts and i think the comments, bill crystal saying, what's the big deal, why don't we tax millionaires, if you have enough republicans coming out. gives the president to fight for this and i think that the republicans have to ask, do we really want to go down fighting and is this the mountain we want to die on fighting for 1% of the country? and so i'm not going to predict. i don't know what's going to happen because i found the behavior of people on the hill very unpredictable. >> it is. and something else on the table, the president's health care law coming from folks saying it's such a huge driver of the economy if fully implemented it has to be up for negotiation. house speaker john boehner wrote an op-ed. the president's health care law, massive expensive unworkable at a time when the national debt sees the size of our economy, and we can't afford it and we can't afford to leave it intact and clear that the law
to broker a crucial tax reform bill to help jump-start the economy. with the fiscal crisis looming now, what can president obama learn from his predecessor? michael reagan joins us right after this break. >> in a few days, the congress will stand at the fork of two roads. one road is all too familiar to us. it leads ultimately to higher taxes. we are the house when it comes to the big game. yeah. it's his thing. i don't even participate. boom! here it comes! bring it back! bring it home! [ male announcer ] when you combine creamy velveeta with zesty rotel tomatoes and green chilies, you get a bowl of queso that makes even this get-together better. >> in a few days, the congress will stand at the fork of two roads. one road is all too familiar to us. it leads, ultimately, to higher taxes. it merely brings us full circle back to the source of our economic problems. where the government decides that it knows better than you what should be done with your earnings and, in fact, how you should conduct your life. the other road promises to renew the american spirit. it's a road of hope and opportun
, who's innocent? we decide here on the "young turks." also, the man who created pulp fiction, kill bill, inglorious bass starteds on the set today. and republican on republican crime, elbow of the day. go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> cenk: david pluck is one of the to which advisers for president obama. he's talking about what they're going to do in regards to the grand bargain and he says some things that are very, very interesting, revealing exactly what we had feared was going on inside the obama administration. first, let's start with his framing of the issue. >> democrats are also going to have to step up here and do some tough things, and the notion that somehow these deficits and our debt are not a threat to our national security and economic future is something i could not disagree with more strongly. there are some commentators on the left that suggest that. >> cenk: it's threat to national security. look, i want to balance the budget, right, but it's not a threat to national security. if oh, my god what if the interest rates go up, but they're at record lows. this is just fear m
. >> well, i think that president obama definitely has the upper hand in the situation. you have people coming out and saying we don't have on a this anti-tax pledge with grover norquist, a senior republicans, people like bill kristol. you have 12 new house members coming in who refused to sign the pledge. so you start seeing that and it gives the president much stronger leverage to get what he wants. and i think that if the republicans don't come around on and we end up going off the cliff there will get blamed for it. gerri: what do you say? >> i say let's take a look and what happened in november. our government gave the people of america gave the government to the status quo. we are back to where we started in september. the president has a huge do over, and it is his obligation to leave history this. republicans have said we are willing to talk about revenue, but democrats have to be serious on spending. so this idea that anyone has the upper hand is exactly why a deal is not been done. the deal as on the teeseven deal is only as good as it is for both parties. the agreement is hon
is footing 90% to 100% of the bill to give health insurance to the uninsured. that, my friend, is utterly crazy, irrational position. >> let me just quickly say, not all republican governors are appealing obama care. that's something that needs to be stressed as well. >> the point is they're trying to block this very important piece of obama care. then you also have, you know, today john boehner saying, you know, just reloading and saying, we're going to go right back to trying to figure out new tactics to repeal obama care. >> foolish. that's a foolish statement, foolish tactic and i'll be the first to say it. the american people have spoken. the american people say we want this president to run for another four years, be in the white house. the supreme court has spoken on this. i don't understand why speaker boehner would say something like that. >> i bet you a dollar to a doughnut the republican governors will back down within two to three years. no way any republican governor, even if they're a far right governor l say no to the opportunity to insure millions of people for ten cents t
in 3. george h.w. bush, 1 in 16, bill clinton, 1 in 8 and george w. bush, 1 in 33. a mere 3%. with president obama, it is 1 in 47. compare that to more than half of the turkeys whose pardons he has granted. according to legend, president abraham lincoln pardoned a turkey when his son, tad, begged for mercy on behalf of the turkey that was to be the family's holiday meal. he was consistent. his biographer writes that he regularly used the pardon rather than con sign army deserters and their family to harsh punishment. he believed that government should avoid planting and cultivating too many thorns in the boos soss some of society. president obama has not followed this example. the result may be that he is allowing resolvable injustices to persist. take the example of katy baraboo. she was only 22 when she helped her boyfriend mail he can stas citi to the u.s. she confessed and was convicted. she has had no further troubles. she can't vote and can't travel out of the country for work and is barred from adopting a child. cobbler, you got your pardon. katy's request was denined
, who is out? pi bill clinton? patreaus for secretary of defense. a look at president obama's dream team. >>> a fast and furious settlement. who is paying the price for the botched gun running. >>> answering questions about managing student debt. >> hi there. we're talking about managing your student loans. with me this hour, greg olson and carmen wong ulrich. carmen, your question. >> i was wondering how i'm going to afford a minimum wage job with the student loan advise to pay for and i just graduated from college. >> i feel for her. >> wow, wow, wow. it's a stuff situation. here's the thing we've got to know what type of loans does she have. if she's got private loans she's in a big pickle. low flexibility, but call them right away. if your proact everybody you can try to work with them before you get into trouble. if she's got federal loans, there's the income based repayment program and she's got look into that. it's a part of your discretionary income that goes to pay it every month. as her income goes up her bill will go up. that's good. it's never too unmanageable. >> suggestions
to discuss, but at top of the list according to the white house immigration reform. president obama won more than two-thirds of the latino vote. the administration believes that should be a wake-up call for republicans to get on board with a bill about the border. a new abc news poll shows a majority of americans support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already on u.s. soil. is this issue finally fertile ground in washington? let's spin about it. i don't think we can eliminate or separate the immigration discussion from the drug war, which stretches across the united states and mexico. part of the immigration discussion and the drug war wrapped up in this fear of, you know, drugs, violence, poor folks participating and escaping from the drug war coming here. america is slowly moving against the war on drugs. it's kinld of amazing to see this movement. we see colorado and washington creating a very liberal open policy, california striking down their three-strikes law. that says let's not have nonviolent drug offenders go away to jail for a long time. judges and police say this is
with a very large stimulus bill that was passed in the first few weeks of president obama's administration. those deficits, in excess of $1 trillion of gdp in the first year, easily twice or three times what the deficits were during the bush administration. if you go back and listen to the rhetoric in the bush administration from democrats when the deficits were $200 million or $300 million per year. -- per year, you would think they were trillions. we have a fiscal problem today aat will be followed upo by larger and more serious long- term challenges we face with the fiscal cliff in regard to social security and medicare. with regard to the question about never having tax cuts during the bush years, first, i do not think the war or 9/11 were anticipated by anyone when the tax cuts were pursued in the beginning of the bush administration. if you look at the votes that were cast in the house of representatives, the original bush tax cuts were passed off the floor of the house in small pieces. different elements were passed as individual bills, and there was tremendous bipartisan support fo
in the second term for president obama? >> most important thing is president obama to put the best people he can find. you know, we like in the united states named people. bill clinton is so high and there's been some people joking, isn't there a role for bill clinton? could he be ambassador to the united nations? i know that seems quite far-fetched but other ex-presidents became u.s. senators. it's not out of reach. bloomberg who has bold ideas on the economy, i doubt he would want something but all i'm suggesting is you don't always want to get people from the bureacracy. sometimes you want to people the best people in the country for that post. lincoln did that with the famous team of rivals idea. >> douglas, just to be the fly on a wall at the white house. the president is going to host mitt romney for a private lunch. how important, how significant is that, even if it's symbolic, that you have these two rivals having lunch together at the white house? >> extremely important. it's the right thing to do. it's going to be a good photo-op for obama and romney together. remember in 1960, kennedy
president obama is saying we're going to raise the taxes on the rich and he won't sign any bill that doesn't have a tax increase on the rich, so, the two parties are still at logger heads. i personally think given the still fragility of this economic recovery, the economy still isn't sputtering on one cylinder now, and high unemployment. it doesn't make sense to me to raise taxes on businesses or investors. that's where we stand right now. i don't see an agreement anytime really soon because the two sides are still so far apart. >> i'm a betting man, steven, would you imagine that the house republicans would give on raising rates for the wealthy? they certainly have to acknowledge that the tax-- the bush tax cuts for those making less than 250 have to be extended, that has to happen. >> that's right, that's right. >> dave: what about the top 2%? what about happen in your best guest? >> what john boehner said, and i interviewed mitch mcconnell the house minority leader in the senate on this and basically their position right now is we will agree he to raise some revenues, we'll do some clos
massive spending on highways with general tax revenues. i mean, president obama's the most urban president we've had since ted key roosevelt in many -- teddy roosevelt in many ways. the latest highway bill, we had a mass infusion of general revenues instead of gas taxes to pay for drivers. i have no idea why we are bribing people to drive long distances. i believe that people should be free to drive if they pay for the social costs of their actions. but we shouldn't be bribing them to do this. we shouldn't be engaging in social engineering that uses federal tax policy to massively subsidize people to move out of urban apartments to buy someone urban homes which leverages them to the hilt which also bribes them to build larger homes. i'm a homeowner myself, but i think having the current home mortgage interest deduction and the other things like fannie and freddie that subsidize that is crazy. we should slowly ratchet back that by $100,000 a year, and most of all, we should have even more commitment to urban schools. i would like a world in which the feds have less engagement in cities over
the house of commons and then a discussion on the 2012 presidential campaign with obama campaign manager jim messina. monday the american enterprise institute hosts a discussion on how federal rules and regulations impact the role of private enterprise in public education with representatives from the bill and melinda gates foundation and education department. live at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> you can listen to mayor bloomberg, who said that the damage was unprecedented that.s0 it may be the worse storm that the city has ever faced and title surge previous high was 10 feet for this storm, it was 14. governor cristty said the damage in new jersey was unthinkable. i mean, we had fires. we had hurricane-force winds. we had massive flooding. we had speed of snow. if you look at that and look at the flooding to the subway systems and shutdown of the stock exchanges, you start to get a sense of the massive scale and scope of this storm. and yet the networks performed. i mean, i have read dozens of stories over the last couple of weeks about how for many consumers, their only link to informa
on everyone. that's for sure. so, the question is, the republicans will pass a bill that extends all the tax cuts. i mean, that they will go along with no problem. they won't go along with a double wammy and they shouldn't. this is obama's economy. this is obama's issue. if obama wants it pass that in the house, he has it find a group of republicans that will peel off from the rest of the republicans and good along with the democrats it pass this other stuff. but otherwise, i don't see any incentive in the president's part to not extend a large portion of the tax cuts if he can. i don't think he ever wants it see the whole thing go over the cliff. >> i mean, you have to remember that he does -- as you guys have both suggested, he does want to extend a large portion of the tax cuts. that's 98% of them. it's the top 2% of house holds, that not only he, but a majority of the lek electorate and and the polls, and a nonpartisan poll keeper says in the 2013 if the top two rates expire, we are talking about a tenth of a percent on gdp. isn't that worth the cost of getting on a bitter budget path, g
on the role of private enterprise in public education. the obama administration's approach to regulating for- profit institutions. representatives of for-profit schools of the bill emeline the gates foundation. it is about an hour and a half. and melindahe bill gates foundation. it is about an hour and a half. >> we are just getting back. the energy level is probably going to get mellow. we will make that work for us. today's panel is on the question of for-profit and federal education policy. this is a topic that we at aei have been talking about for an extended stretch. in support of the templeton foundation, we have been running the private enterprise projects, trying to think about the opportunities and the challenge. how do make this work for kids in the communities? how do we think about some of those challenges the potential perils? this panel is a close up series of panels and conversations. we have commissioned a number of pieces that will be coming up as a book this spring. we have the opportunity to work. those of you with cell phones, in turn them off. why this topic? the vast ma
than bill clinton. so this idea that somehow he had his first term marie did not get much done is not right. >> everybody talks about lbj and clinton in particular. greeks losers. why can't obama be like him. clinton did not get health care passed. >> lbj, what he did. everything from medicare to the voting rights act. last word. i think it's going to be a very interesting for years and we are all going to learn about the architecture of this man. i love what you said about immigration. let me add one philosophical love. aristotle defines -- defines justice as the word used for integrity. in the complex life a person learns to integrate the competing parts of the human personality, and only then, he says, will you have the capacity to act justly. the question for obama is how he will express that or if you will in this new term. >> that the integrated life that we do here, but the second term. so thank you all very much. [applause] >> great. wonderful. >> thank you. >> thank you. now i know more about what obama is really like. >> more now from last week's washington ideal foru
that will not sign any bill that benefits the 2% of the americans. >> no tax increases now for promised spending cuts that won't materialize later. >> reporter: and president obama is holding a series of events at the white house and on the road trying to win more public support this week for his approach. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:44. wall street seems to be teetering on that fiscal cliff as investors wait too react. pam cook -- wait to react. pam cook is here to tell us what is it at stake. what is at stake? >> a lot. it's being discussed on capitol hill and being watched on wall street. in order to avoid this disaster, it involves tax and spending cuts. tough decisions will have to be made. many economists say for a fixed amount of revenue its eitherrier to remove deduction -- either to remove deductions. one item being discussed, interest on mortgages. >> the concern is if nothing is done, we have automatic tax increases, big tax increases and automatic spending cuts. that produces the fiscal drag the government is making -- is taking more inco
. president obama does not have to do anything. he just needs to sit back and let sequestration take place, let the bush tax cuts expire peering everything worked rate during the bill clinton years -- for eight years we have prosperity, a couple of balanced budgets and the military was a lot smaller, everybody was happy, there were buying tvs and cars and refrigerators. i think president obama -- he holds all four aces in his hand and led it happened -- let it happen. why does that c-span and all the other tv stations -- but i am talking c-span now, why -- president obama has not even been january 20 is when his swearing-in comes in. and we are called already talking about 2016. we haven't even sworn the president and and all we hear about is who is going to be the next president. to me, that is a major problem. that is all i had to say. host: we were reading the paper this morning, the headlines in some of the papers about possible contenders for 2016. but go to twitter. another tweet for you. guest: well, that could certainly factor in but it is not necessarily i think the whole picture.
. the not well capitalized person is afraid of obama care because headlines have been not they are afraid of what the health care bill will look like. what is my health care going to look like next year. i don't know. what is my employees' health care going to look like? i don't know. they will wait to hire. well capitalized people say i'll make ten investments. a couple home runs. >> you hope. >> a lot of business have failed and it's painful. >> taxes are not top of mind. they're not top of mind. >> always been my experience at least in talking to those people. >> it's a washington thing to talk about that. i just don't think they start a lot of businesses. governor norquist was in my class at college. governor norquist stands for -- you can argue longer term he's just a complete libertarian who wants the government to be nil. he doesn't want a government. that's libertarian. not a republican for heaven sake. not a traditional republican. lincoln who came up with the idea of having higher rates for richer people because he said they benefit from the country. he seems like just a radical. like m
tax bill the second or third. so the fact that obama's administration is willing to make it sound like he's averting a catastrophe over the full 2013 is an insult to people who actually understand what's going on. i hope that -- >> host: do you think, your call on the democratic line. do you think the president is not holding firm on democratic beliefs? >> caller: i really don't know what he's doing, but i just got yesterday it was, maybe the day before, ed rendell supposedly a liberal type of democrat is on one of these teams trying to figure out how to cut entitlements. this is a very simple equation. we have about $800 billion more than is necessary spending on health between the private and public sector. we have $800 billion more in spending that goes into the pockets of doctors who, you, who run unnecessary tests, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. and if we reality like that like most of the rational world by simply nationalized health care, that will take care of 80% of the problem. the other 20% of the problem has to do with the spending on the military that put
who makes the laws. caller: president obama could not put anything in there before his term going out. i have been following this for years. usually the incoming president has bills that the previous president left. on this president's way out, congress would not let him put any deals in. they put enough in there to finish his term. host: the president has been reelected and will be back in next year. but i appreciate the call. i want to point to an obituary in the new york times today on the death of warren redmon. he dies at age 82. the sometimes combative centrist republican senator from new hampshire. you will be seeing those obituaries in several papers today. coming up next, a top supreme court reporter david savage will join us to talk about some of that the-profile cases an accord will be taking up. and later, phyllis bennis will take a closer look at where u.s. troops are deployed around the world, and not just in the middle east. first, turning back to warren rudman. he was a moderate republican senator from new hampshire. he was 82 years old when he died. he sat down with c
employees, not 70% of the intelligence being run before obama was even a president, 70% was run by privatized -- privatization. host: we will leave it there and go to a tweet. bill shared his comments by writing @cspanwj in his tweet. here are some facebook comments coming in. our next caller is karen from newport news, virginia at the republican line. caller: good morning to you. the state's need to have an opinion because they are going to cripple in the areas that depend heavily on the government. those people a denture those areas that are populated generate a lot of money. they're not just going to cripple the military or the government. they're going to cripple the people working around the revenue depending on the income they bring in. states have to have a here. say -- a here say. host: a could be affected because of the defense spending and employs that live a center of the virginia area. does this affect you personally? caller: it affects everybody personally. they need to get educated on how much income when navy ship actually brings into a community. just one chip. h
. they say it is a bill to a stepping stone of immigration reform. opponents say the increase for visas for technology student would be upset by eliminating other visa programs. >> it is expected to top the agenda when president obama welcomes mexico's president-elect to the white house this week. he will return to mexico's institutional revolutionary power to party after 12 years when he takes office december 1st. he pushed more nor economic reforms and including overhauls of energy and tax laws. >>> supreme court could decide whether to take up the issue of gay marriage this week. the court is set to hold a closed door conference on friday where they can decide whether they will hear any of five challenges to the defense of marriage act or the prop 8 case. the odds are good they will accept one of those cases and the prop 8 case. california's prop eightle limited that to a marriage of man a a woman. >>> they can help you buy a powerball ticket. no one matched all sucks numbers and now it will jump to 325 million to an estimated $45 million for the next drawing slated for wednesday. it
for it with relatively minor cost savings and a little bit of extra taxation, and on balance, the health reform bill is actually going to reduce the budget deficit, not increase it. and it's not going to lead to huge burs on the public. that's going to be very much at stake. if obama is re-elected and this thing survives and america finally joins the community of civilized nation that provides some sort of health insurance to all their citizens, and if he loses, then it gets killed. >> commenting on things with which we're out of tune with the rest of the advanced industrial countries sarkozy, came to columbia and gave a talk, and at the time that the healthcare bill was under discussion, and one of the students asked him to comment. he said i don't want to met until your -- meddle in your affairs, but -- and then he says, i don't understand it in france we take it as a basic right, a human right, that you should have access to health care. no matter what your income level is. so, for us, we just don't -- this is the question of the right and the left. this is basic human rights. and he just couldn'
debate on taking up the defense authorization bill. you can follow senate coverage on c-span2. back to the white house for a moment. president obama today signing into law u.s. airlines be excluded from emission -- this is the first test for the president fighting climate change in the second change. he quietly signed the bill over their objections. again, the u.s. house in moments. five bills. live coverage here on c-span. >> the house gaveling in just a couple of moments. five bills on the agenda this afternoon. later this week they'll take up a bill that aims to provide a quick visa process for granting legal status to immigrant students who earned advanced degrees in science, engineering or mathematics at u.s. colleges and universities. the house is in tomorrow but not until noon. there will be no votes tomorrow. house republicans are meeting tomorrow to select their leadership, their committee leadership assignments for the next congress. house democrats later this week will elect their leaders for the 113th congress which of course begins in january. >> well, we exexpected the
so we can pay some of the bills he has run up. that is going to be necessary. knott obama's $5 trillion. he did it. we are going to have to pay it rather do that through growth than the higher taxes the but slow the economic growth. >> i would like to talk more about this dual mandate that you referred to and of the three quick propositions to see how they sort of come together. the first is coming and i've written this many times, presidential elections are referendums on the incumbent party and in that vein such as the case as i believe it is, then you have to say that it's a judge to by the electorate was not a tremendous perhaps lackluster but not so as to make him ineligible for rehiring. second, when the country is in a serious political deadlock of the kind that we are in now and it's happened in our history but it doesn't happen often it generally means that the deadlock is focused on a definition question of america, and the definition question faced in this country is that we are going to go towards a european style of social democracy or more towards the traditional
. they have run as these bills, we have not. host: you did not sign that petition? guest: i surely did not. what do i want to ask president obama, please, daddy, can we secede from the union? guest: i think that is what we are seeing, that this movement is not really at least in large measure a secession movement. but a movement to push washington out. and that is done in the ballot box. it is true that a lot of people are dissatisfied with what happened. but tried and tried again. host: next up is ken from fort myers, fla.. he signed a petition. go ahead. caller: i believe in this session. i think the best thing you can possibly do is to repeal the 17th amendment to give the right back to the states. where it belongs. as per the founding fathers. host: can you turn down your television. we are getting the feedback. caller: ok. i am sorry. host: do believe that florida will one day secede from the union? caller: i am originally from new york. and in 2008 i personally witnessed the acorn people go around the cemetery up there and take names off the tombstones. and we have pictures of them g
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